Miracle Center Thrift Stores offer high-quality, gently used clothing and household goods for sale in a clean and organized environment. Through the generous gifts of individuals and organizations, we are able to give back to individuals and families in our community in need of clothing and household items. Donations given to our community stay in our community for the benefit of others.

When you shop at or donate your used items to the Miracle Center Thrift Stores, 100% of the proceeds help fund a portion of our transitional program. Our thrift stores offer our residents a place to learn job skills, do service work, and work for a wage in the later phases of the program.

Our thrift stores offer many benefits to the community of Tucson, and to the residents of our transitional program. Miracle Center opened our first thrift store in 2000 with the intention of funding our women’s program, and providing a place in the community where people could find great items at a great price. We have stayed true to the idea of providing great deals to our customers, and have become a staple in the Tucson thrift community over the past 14 years.

Miracle Center expanded the program facet of our ministry in May of 2013, now offering the same services to men that have been available to women in our community for over 13 years. As a result, the need for a second thrift store arose in the spring of 2014.

Visit our Pima Store at: 5527 E Pima St, Tucson, AZ. 85712  Phone: 520.296.3337


Visit our Central Store at: 3029 N Stone Ave, Tucson, AZ. 85705   Phone: 520.344.7553


Our thrift stores really are a great deal for a great cause. Come and see how you can make a difference at Miracle Center!