You can radically change the culture of your city.

Our community has been devastated by alcoholism and addiction, but with your help, Miracle Center offers a solution that will not only affect people living here today in a positive and encouraging way, but will also create a better Tucson for generations to come.

Today, I ask you to partner with us with your financial support.

You can give online today by clicking the donate button. Or you can call us directly at: 520.808.0746

Miracle Center is a faith-based drug and alcohol treatment facility that originated in Tucson comprised of two local centers and supporting thrift stores. We give those in our care the tools they need to cultivate sustainable relationships with the Lord while under our care.

Each day we see lives regenerated, families restored and minds renewed. Success stories just like these that you expect from your investment in the lives of those who come through Miracle Center. We trust God every day for people to come alongside us and partner with us financially. Just as my wife and I, and the Miracle Center team are obedient to carry out the vision, we need people just like you to be obedient to His call and give to His great work.

100% of your gifts go toward supporting our residents. You’re providing program fees, which include food, housing, transportation, hygiene, clothing, co-pays on medication, counseling and any other expenses that may come up for each individual. The minimum cost per resident is between $1000 – $1200 per month.

You can also give of your time as a volunteer, or through your generous donation to our thrift stores.

Miracle Center is a 501©3 organization.