Miracle Center is a privately funded, non-profit program that originated 1999 with the mission of providing a safe and nurturing environment for individuals who are homeless or at risk for homelessness due to overwhelming life circumstances.


Betty Smith founded Miracle Center in 1999. While working with the homeless population at a local shelter, Betty realized that the care provided was not individual specific, but designed for huge numbers of people to go through. She believed that while mass care was compassionate, it was not the solution to the problem. Betty wanted to develop a comprehensive program that unified the clinical and spiritual approach, while rooted in intimacy, and Miracle Center was born.


Our first women’s house opened its doors in 2001, ever since our residents have been led through a highly flexible, individualized process of evaluating themselves, their relationships with others, and their relationship with God. This enables them to establish goals based on their discoveries and their God-given talents. In 2013 we opened our first men’s house offering the same resources to men in our community.