The God-kind of Life

Matthew McPheron, Co-director

As a minister of the Gospel, I have spent countless hours seeking the Lord to find ways to be more effective in ministry. I am sure many have thought, If I could only develop a better message, more people would receive it, or Maybe if I say things differently, then the people I am an authority over will grow. Much to my surprise, as I grew in ministry, the Lord’s response to me was, “You have the message, but you are missing the objective.” So, if the message is the Gospel, what is the objective?

The objective is the impartation of spiritual life, Zoe life (the God-kind of life).

Grabbing ahold of this spiritual truth, I reflected on my life before I was devoted to the Lord. Spiritual life is what was missing. I had sound doctrine, believed in and loved Jesus Christ, but there was a lack of Zoe life. I was unable to be faithful to the Lord because there was no power to my faith. I lived a life driven by instant gratification, which ultimately led to a heroin and cocaine habit of about $150 – $250 a day. As a result, I found myself homeless, living under a bridge for five years. It was not until my relationship with Christ came alive that I was able to change, and that took servants of God imparting Zoe life to me through the power of the Holy Spirit. I knew as I developed in the call on my life, I wanted to be used by the Lord to impart spiritual life the same way I had received it from my authorities.

As Co-directors of Miracle Center, a Christian drug and alcohol transitional program, my wife, Jennifer and I make the impartation of spiritual life our primary objective.

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