Our Position is Love

Matthew McPheron, Co-director

Jennifer and I have found that influence is built when the power of our position is love. When we relate to, build relationship with, and pray for those under our authority, we set a precedent of love and concern. That’s why when administrative action is necessary, those under our authority know we are taking action because we love them and want them to grow, and not because we want them to conform to our rules.

Action based on love is the breeding ground of impartation, and the gateway to a Spirit led life.

Through the demonstration of love and the development of influence, my wife and I have seen radical change in the lives of men and women we have ministered to. It is a blessing to see someone come into the Miracle Center a broken and lost soul, and watch them day by day grow into men and women of God, fully dependent on the power of the Holy Spirit and driven by service. I believe this is what we all want to see as Christians: lives changed and gifting developed.

It is the radical change in the lives of those we minister to that shows the effectiveness of this ministry, and we want to share it with the body of Christ. We want the body to know us as a resource and an effective ministry to support. Whether you know someone who needs our help, would like us to speak for you, or would like to help support us financially, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our slogan is “Get Your Freedom Back,” and with God anything is possible, even restoring hope to the hopeless. So, let’s come together as the body of Christ, and join one another as we demonstrate the unmitigated love of Jesus Christ together.

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